Another example of BBC double standards on terrorism

BBC biased? Who’d a thunk it!?

BBC Watch

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Back in April we noted yet another example of the BBC’s consistent failure to inform audiences with regard to the Palestinian Authority’s glorification of terrorism – in that case the naming of a forest after a terrorist responsible for the murders of 125 Israelis.AJF

In that post we asked:

“Can we really imagine that if the Northern Ireland Assembly chose to name a forest after an IRA terrorist and to televise the inauguration ceremony on state-run TV, that would not make BBC headlines?”

Thanks to a reader, we now have an answer to that question.  

An article which appeared in the Northern Ireland section of the BBC News website in late 2012 relates to the proposed renaming of a children’s playground in Newry named after a former IRA hunger striker. As can be seen, the BBC not only considered the story relevant and important enough to cover…

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