BBC News ignores arrest of Route 35 Hamas terrorist

BBC downplaying terrorism, again!

BBC Watch

Readers may recall the BBC News website’s dismal performance with regard to reporting the terror attack on April 14th in which Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrachi was killed and his wife and son injured. After having initially ignored the incident, the BBC eventually managed to come up with thirty-four words on the subject, but avoided clarifying to audiences that the shooting attack on a family travelling to the Pessach Seder was an act of terrorism.  

On June 23rdit was announced that the terrorist responsible for the murder of Baruch Mizrachi, father of five, had been indicted following his arrest last month.

Ziad Awad homecoming party, Idna, 2011. (source: Youtube) Ziad Awad homecoming party, Idna, 2011. (source: Youtube)

“An indictment was filed Monday against Ziad Awad, a resident of the village of Idna near Hebron, for murder and attempted murder.

Awad was freed in the first tranche of the Shalit prisoner exchange deal, after he…

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