Israel’s Reply To Provisional Sinn Fein

Irish Nationalist Antisemitism Raises Its Ugly Head, Yet Again!

Last week Sinn Fein members of Dublin City Council sent the Israeli embassy in Ireland a rambling, buzzword loaded letter, calling on the State of Israel to stop attacking Provisional Sinn Fein’s friends- Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Below is the reply sent to PSF by Israeli Ambassador Boaz Modai. Whilst social media is swamped by pro-Hamas propaganda, you’re much less likely to see the other side of the story, so please feel free to go to Israel In Ireland’s Facebook page, at- and share this with as many people as possible. Thank you. 

"Share The Truth With The World"

“Share The Truth With The World”

“I wish that all those Sinn Fein activists who write us daily private messages in which they “send us back to Auschwitz” to stop their false comparison between the Irish and the Palestinians. FYI, here is the reply letter of the Israeli ambassador to the hostile Sinn Fein Councillor letter. I doubt it if most of their followers will ever read it. It’s probably much easier to remain ignorant, bash Israel and demonize it than to know the facts…

July 18th 2014
Dear Councillor,
I wish to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated July 16th.
I reject out of hand your expression of ‘disgust’. Please excuse me if I missed a similar expression of ‘disgust’ from Sinn Fein representatives at the incessant and indiscriminate rocket and mortar attacks on Israeli civilians by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups. These attacks, which began in 2001 and escalated dramatically after Israel withdrew its army totally and evacuated all settlers from Gaza in 2005, have now reached the number of almost 15,000. Since the 12th of June, around 1,500 rockets, including Iranian Fajr-5 and long-range Syrian-made M302 missiles, have been launched at Israeli men, women and children. At this moment, 5 million people, a number greater than the population of Ireland, are exposed to rocket fire every day and night.

I may also have missed your expressions of disgust at the ever-mounting death toll of 170,000 Arab people, including 10,000 Palestinian Arabs, in the Syrian civil war, or the daily and weekly mass murder of innocent people in Nigeria, Kenya, Somalia, Iraq and Pakistan by Islamist jihadists similar to those of Hamas. Just now, over 200 Nigerian Christian teenage schoolgirls remain in captivity three months after being abducted and enslaved by the jihadists of Boko Haram. I do not recall an expression of disgust at this horror, but forgive me if I missed it.

I will not accept a lecture about international law from Sinn Fein, an organisation with a long record of supporting Palestinian terrorism. In my letter to The Irish Times this week, which I would strongly recommend you read, I set out the legal position regarding, on the one hand, Hamas indiscriminate attacks on Israeli civilians (in violation of Articles 48 and 51 of the Geneva Convention Additional Protocol) and, on the other, Hamas’ use of Gazan civilians as human shields in order to maximize casualties to score PR victories against Israel (in violation of Articles 51(7) and 58 of the Protocol).At the same time, the cowardly leaders and commanders of Hamas hide in underground bunkers and tunnels.

It is no thanks to Hamas and the other terrorists that Israeli casualties are not greater. We in Israel invest a lot of money and effort in building the Iron Dome system, the bomb shelters and the safe rooms that protect our civilians from attack. The terrorists, by contrast, invest their funds in building a sophisticated infrastructure of tunnels and rocket launch facilities, but build nothing to protect the ordinary people under their rule or to improve the life conditions of the Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

The democratic (it is not a ‘claim’ but a reality) state of Israel has as its first duty to protect its citizens, Jewish, Arab and others from terrorist attack. The military operation launched by Israel, far from being ‘collective punishment’ of the Gazan population, is the very opposite of ‘indiscriminate’ – it is precisely targeted at Hamas command and control centres, rocket launch sites and terrorist operatives. Israel’s armed forces do all in their power, helped by the latest technology, to limit their attacks to legitimate military targets and to avoid harming the innocent civilians of Gaza. That cannot guarantee that mistakes will not happen. Even the best technology is subject to human error. Every innocent life lost on either side is a tragedy for us. But the sad reality is that, for Hamas, every Israeli death and injury is a cause for celebration and each Palestinian who loses his life is seen by them as a PR victory.

The Palestinian people are not our enemies. If Israel really wished to ‘slaughter’ them, as you allege, it has the firepower to do so many times over. Instead, it takes all possible steps to prevent harm to the people of Gaza, sending advance warnings of attacks by telephone calls, text messages and leaflets. The chief blame for the Palestinian death toll lies with the terrorists who rule their people with an iron hand and deliberately and cynically put them in harm’s way. Hamas is collectively punishing the citizens of Gaza and creating a genocide of its own people.

As is stated clearly in the Charter of Hamas (available on the internet for anyone to read) the goal of Hamas is the elimination of the state of Israel and the murder of every Jew. The prevention of this goal being realized is the chief reason why Israel must maintain its military strength. The people of Israel will keep up their resistance to Hamas aggression. As for your call to ‘lift the blockade of Gaza’, I can tell you that Israel will continue to do its utmost to cut off the smuggling of weaponry and the supply of materials used to build the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza. That will not lessen the inflow of food, energy and other necessary humanitarian supplies which Israel has maintained through every day of this conflict. In the last ten days, almost 700 trucks filled with humanitarian goods, food, medicine and other supplies have entered Gaza from Israel via the Kerem Shalom Crossing and almost 2000 people have crossed in and out of Gaza via the Erez Crossing.

No democratic country in the world would fail to take the actions undertaken by Israel if its civilians were under attack. True proportionality is not a matter of the relative tally of casualties on each side, but of doing what is necessary to eliminate the threat to civilians, and that is what Israel has been doing since 8 July. As public representatives, elected by the people of Dublin, I would like to respectfully suggest that you try to adopt a more balanced, rational and fair approach to what is a most complex conflict.

Yours sincerely
Boaz Modai
Ambassador of Israel,”

Israel should make no apology for defending itself

Israel should make no apology for defending itself

Ignorance and Hate Are Second Nature To PIRA/Sinn Fein 

The Northern Ireland media have dutifully ignored most of PSF’s attacks and tirades against Israel. Yet again acting as cheerleaders for republican extremism. Nobody can be allowed to see the repulsive antisemitism that lies at the very dark heart of Irish nationalism and republicanism. That Provisional Sinn Fein activists are sending messages of pure, racist hate (“go back to Auschwitz”) to anyone remotely connected to Israel is sickening yet sadly not surprising. This is the same disgusting, bigoted, twisted organisation that still pays homage to Irish nationalist Nazi collaborators like Sean Russell. 

The statue of Nazi collaborator Sean Russell which stands in Dublin's Fairview Park

The statue of Nazi collaborator Sean Russell which stands in Dublin’s Fairview Park

If the media will not act impartially, if they won’t point out PIRA/Sinn Fein’s inherent racism and antisemitism, if they will not do their jobs, then we, the people, will do it instead. The internet, and especially social media, now makes it possible for ordinary people, people like you and me, to ensure that the truth cannot be covered up. We will no longer accept the media’s drip feed of lies and half-truths. The world will see exactly what motivates Irish nationalism (hate, intolerance and rage) regardless of how Ulster’s media try to spin and propagandise on nationalism’s behalf. These are changing times. The old saying that “a lie can travel half way across the world before the truth gets out of bed” no longer holds true. Don’t let the professional liars spread their hate speech about Israel, don’t allow Sinn Fein to spread their antisemitic propaganda. Together we can expose these unreconstructed fascists!

“No legacy is so rich as honesty” –William Shakespeare 



  1. Of course the IRA trained with blood brothers of Hamas in the middle east, got supplied from Libya, was on Nazi side during WW2, has a statue of Sean Russell in Dublin. No word that if Hamas stopped firing rockets, Israel would have no justification to invade, and continue to defend itself. Bit like IRA who used kill members, partimers and retired members of security forces in NI,and cried foul when they were stopped or were “killed in action”

  2. Great Letter from Ambassador Modai
    The hypocrisy that comes from the mouths of internationally recognised terrorists within SF/IRA is nothing sort of a joke.
    ISWI 🇬🇧 Northern Ireland

  3. never had and idea the Irish would stoop so low as to fight along side the scum Hamas . they have no feelings for no one .hard to figure out if there human the Irish people would have plenty to do if they would chase the Brits back to England . and keep there nose out of Gaza and quit sticking for the slime baby killers Hamas and Quit going against Israel . in America they are are friends and we stick by them and the Irish people should to and you know it some day we will all answer to God . and Isreal is Gods chosen people . but they will answer all so

    1. Chase Brits back to England ? Please explain this . You do realise the Rep of Ireland exist . Considering more people of Irish decent in England living free from Dublin rule seems odd . Considering Irishmen built an empire that irish dispora so enjoy to this day seems hypocrital of republicans . Considering the people’s of the British Isles are pretty much cut from same cloth makes SF nationalism appear all more intolerable . If you mean chase Protestants back to England ? Now we reveal real face of SF . Consider st Patrick was neither Irish & mps certainly not Roman Catholic who was brought to Ulster by scots from ulster again exposes SF ideology as dangerous poisonous myth that is maintaining seperation of people of this island .

  4. Excellent letter Your Excellency. PSF hypocrisy knows no limits. Sickening ignorance influencing the gullible and those who want to remain stupid..

    1. Dont make me laugh and the UDF are all innocent and would not hurt a fly they did not murder and kidnap and kill at all – People want to get used to SF cuase the way things are going they will be in government soon and they speak a lot of sense.

      1. A lot of sense for eg ? But first no one suggest that IRA where only ones killing . So stop the self righteous typical victim card played by pro terrorist supporters. If you truly believe IRA by murder campaigns since 22 to this day is actually building a harmonious irish society your deluded . IRA murdered more Catholics ie than all loyalist terrorist combined . Is that united te irish people ? IRA are not about tolerance and equality . IRA are about enforcing a political unity by total cultural conformity to SF narrow , false & exclusive view of Irishness . SF have nothing to date to offer the people they say the wish to unite with . If they do let’s hear you then what are the pursuasive arguments to entice your Protestant countrymen to allow ulster to melt away ?
        IRA claims that because Ireland is an island it must be one entity is laughable . Tell that to the Scots !!

  5. Nice letter PSF are nothing but scum they have killed many ulster protestants with there bombs yet they still don’t have there united Ireland and guess what they will never get a united Ireland ulster is British and always will be ulster supports the people of isreal no surrender.

  6. A good answer from the Israeli’s there – Sinn fein have a cheek to call for anyone to stop killing anyone, considering their indiscriminate killing of innocents in Ireland and the UK for the past 30-40 years.
    Whilst I, like everyone else, would prefer to see the killing stop – unless Hamas are defeated it will continue and nobody can blame Israel for protecting their people.

  7. Provisional Sinn Fein IRA has a long history of collaboration with Palestinian terrorists and vice versa. They trained together in Gadaffy’s Libya in the seventies and later and received lethal supplies of weaponry and Semtex explosives from Libya. I met both PLO leaders and an PIRA activist in Tripoli in Libya in 1973 and I know what I am talking about. Right-wing Sinn Fein has a long history of collaboration with Nazis, Fascists and Anti-Semites. Right now Provisional Sinn Fein poses as a left-wing party just as German National Socialists and the Italian Fascists did in their early days. There is a nasty undercurrent of Anti-Semitism in Ireland inspired by the Roman Catholic Church’s antipathy to and
    persecution of the Jews right until Pope John XXIII corrected matters during the Secind Vatucan Council.

  8. I very informative and truthful letter by the Israeli Ambassador. There is not another country in the world that would tolerate what Israel have been living with. There is much evidence that Hamas purposefully place civilians and children in harms way (although the bias media will never show it) children are trained with weapons and taught to hate Israel. Israel deserves the support of all rational people across the world for there are many evil people who will not rest until Israel’s destruction. I support and pray for you Israel. God Bless Israel. You are the apple of God’s eye.

  9. The longer ulster continues as ” normal ” society the more desperate SF National Socialist become . They feed of tension and by creatin catholic only zones continue to maintain the partition of Ulster people . They do not recognise Protestants as the indigenous people of ulster and so the do not recognise their wish for self determination . SF nazi party sole aim is to destroy ulster completely & to socially engineer a pro socialist pro catholic state where te real first oppressors of this island remain at the helm in the shadows ie Vatican .
    Like true Nazis SF IRA proclaim identity on a mans religion . They refuse to recognise Ulster as a unique entity with ancient connections to Scotland & North Enlgand . The scots orginate from Ulster is ignored . SF IRA wrongly proclaim Protestant faith arrived 400 years ago. As if it mattered ? They talk of a perceived injustice from 800 years ago . Ironically when unholy Roman Empire ordered the conquest of Ireland . Ulster was invaded by Normans all with their Leinster allies who left Dublin port . Funny as it is , SF wish to return this whole island to a time period imposed by the first recognised conquers . Dublin policy to reduce it Protestant poplution was in reality genocidely . Lastly I tire of hearing republicans dam the British empire . Iris he played a huge part in making of the empire & Irishmen including republicans continue to take advantage of such today . If Britain was a republic Unioinst would remain Unioinst . Protestantism does not depend or need a monarchy . Until SF can unite ulster they may forget about UI .

  10. It is long overdue for the real ulster story to be told before SF nazis airbrush an entire people out of history . Regards terrorist attacks . IRA desperate to portray themselves as heros of te irish people . They are not . IRA represent no nation state nor do they adhere to the Geneva convention . IRA murder te irish people apparently to unite them ? After 9/11 the Americans and others are comfortable in telling the world that they as a soverign state demand the right to preminately strike for purpose of self defence . This I suggest influenced SF and whitehouse blind eye policy to IRA . Suddenly American people realised that terrorist are wicked fanatics . It would be encouraging if the catholic victims of IRA murder were courageous to pursue Dublin government & SF nazis for the aiding & facilitating IRA killers

  11. Israel has every right to take its present course of action against HAMAS.
    Europe will not defend Israel.
    God bless Israel.

  12. This wonderful ambassador has put the situation in a nutshell. The embarrassment of the Dial standing at the request of Gerry Adams to support an evil terrorist organisation has been answered in part.

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