Anti-social Media

I was going to write about why I deactivated my twitter account (and the parody account I started) but a couple of childish trolls with ten or twelve equally childish troll accounts are not worth writing about. Besides which, the main reason I am no longer on twitter is due to a simple matter of time. I have had to deal with a good many trolls in my time, so I thought it would be better to examine why Irish nationalists resort to such pathetic activity.

Irish nationalists don’t do dissent. They can’t handle it. Their simplistic ideology is just too fragile. They close their ears and hope it will just go away. Tweet anything pro Unionist, Loyalist or even remotely pro British and wait for the inevitable replies from outraged nationalists/republicans. Most will, of course, express their smug sense of superiority. Some will deny their political inclinations, some will even try to tell you that they are in fact Loyalists. But their underlying Fascist tendencies will shine through.

In their feeble little minds Irish nationalism is beyond criticism. Indeed, many nationalists seem to believe that only Irish nationalism has the right to any kind of outward expression. Loyalism and Unionism should be “seen but not heard”. Sadly for them though, there are those of us who will never be silenced. Twitter is a limited medium, facebook is even more limited. I (for example) can reach a much wider audience with this blog than with any social media account. I can also do a lot more damage to Irish nationalism/republicanism. The best part is that this blog is virtually impossible to troll (my ‘fans’ are more than welcome to try though lol).

So, social media is out, blogging is in, at least when I get the time. You might want to stick around, my little blog is about to get even more interesting! 2015 is going to be an uncomfortable year for certain people, and I can’t wait to get started.