Loyalists Support the (latest) republican Feud

Fringe nationalism implodes, again!

So, according to my sources Irish nationalist extremists are about to get laid into each other, yet again. Following the attempted, and very nearly successful, murder of a senior Irish nationalist ‘dissident’, in North Belfast it appears that nationalists/republicans are about to revert to type and launch into a full blown feud.

C’est le geurre. I won’t shed any tears for any victims of this latest round of bloodletting, unless of course some unfortunate innocent gets caught up in the killing. We can only hope that those targeted by the republican savages are themselves republican savages. As those professional trolls, ‘LAD’, once controversially tweeted -” live by the gun, die by the gun”.

Self satisfied, smug, ‘moderate’ Irish nationalists never tire of reminding people of the Loyalist feud, whilst conveniently forgetting the numerous nationalist feuds that have erupted through the years. If yet another Irish nationalist/republican shooting war does break out, I will take great satisfaction in reminding certain”people” about it. Ad nauseam.

Fingers crossed this latest feud isn’t just a sort of “lovers tiff”. Meanwhile remember this – Loyalists support the republican feud!