Irish Nationalism is Eating it’s Own; The “Left/Right” Split Tearing Nationalism Apart

Twenty years ago or so it was common to hear Loyalists talking about the “pan-nationalist front”. The term was coined in the early 90’s & referred to the united front of PIRA/SF, the SDLP, GAA etc. The term is not much used today but many Loyalists & Unionists would still argue that Irish nationalism presents a united front on most issues. I would argue however that there is no longer any such united front.

Provisional IRA/Sinn Féin have shifted in a very odd direction in the last few years. Always keen to present themselves as “progressive”, modern, permissive & “on trend”, Sinn Féin have moved so far (culturally & socially) to the Left that they are now creating very serious divisions within Irish nationalism.

There are many (those whom I would describe as “traditional Catholic nationalists”) who now see Provisional Sinn Féin as being actually anti-nationalist. PSF assumed that they could take Irish nationalism in whatever direction they wished, even if that direction was contrary to the sensibilities & traditional outlook of most of their constituency. Apparently they were very wrong.

For a long time, those “traditional nationalists” seemed to keep their reservations to themselves, however, the recent referendum on abortion in the Irish Republic seems to have been the final straw for many. More & more nationalists, both in Éire & in N.I., seem to be verbalising their opposition to the super-progressive “SJW” rhetoric of Provisional SF.

This schism will only deepen. Sinn Féin, under it’s new female leadership, is moving further & further (culturally & socially at least) to the extreme Left, leaving more & more traditional nationalists & religious Roman Catholics (those who are not amongst the large & growing number of Catholic Unionists) without a party that speaks for them.

The uber “progressive” face of the “new Sinn Féin”

The SDLP might undergo something of a resurgence, depending on which direction they choose to take their party, but I would think that it is highly unlikely. The SDLP has lost a lot of credibility with Irish nationalist/republican voters in the last 20-25 years, I doubt they can get that credibility back anytime soon, especially if that party continues it’s own seemingly inexorable drift towards politically correct “grievance politics”.

Besides which, the SDLP, if senior members of that party do not address certain pertinent issues, may well end up irrevocably divided. Instead of this being an opportunity for the SDLP to re-establish itself, it could well end up being the final nail in the party’s coffin.

One might very well see some new nationalist political party, or at least a political pressure group, emerge in the next 12 months or so as traditional religious nationalists become ever more dissatisfied, irritated & alienated by the nationalist/republican “mainstream”.

The bickering, sniping & back-biting between the “progressive” & the “traditional” factions will continue, we may very well see some very interesting (& public) spats between quite senior people within nationalism over the next few weeks & months.

The issue of abortion seems to have divided Irish nationalism more than any other single issue

The only logically consequence of this split is that either A) Sinn Féin, & to a lesser extent the SDLP will have to move, culturally at least, back towards the centre, or B) The split will become permanent & the divisions will become ever more entrenched. Either way the next 12-18 months should prove to be very interesting indeed.


We Are Back On Twitter

Well. Here we are. Back on Twitter (@0nIyThursday). We debated this for nearly three weeks but decided in the end that we would have to have some kind of social media presence in order to A) contact certain people about blog posts we have planned for the coming months, B) promote the blog to an even wider audience and C) keep up to date with what Northern Ireland was talking about online.

Facebook was ruled out early on, it’s a dying platform and it’s not that great for promoting a blog. was also considered but, honestly, it’s a small platform & although it’s growing quickly, we didn’t see it as being useful for our purposes. That really only left Twitter. Twitter has many drawbacks, it is notorious for it’s censorship, it is lousy with bots & trolls, it arbitrarily locks people out of their accounts etc but, at least for now, it will have to do.

So, if you’re on Twitter & you enjoy ISOT, give us a follow and/or send us a message. We look forward to a few lively discussions!

Watch “We’r Needin tae Talk Aboot Wir Language | Michael Dempster | TEDxInverness” on YouTube

Although Irish national chauvinists would have you believe that the Scots language, and therefore the Ulster-Scots language, doesn’t actually exist, it does, has for centuries and will continue to exist for centuries to come. It has an inalienable right to exist and a right to be accorded the same dignity and respect as every other language.

Ben Ullans; Num.1 (In Ulster-Scots; No.1)

Til Scrieve ihr no til Scrieve

A hæ geen þire ah loch o þoct þá lass whein o sennicht. Wüþer ihr no til start scrieven ap þe blog ben Ullans. Þá Ullans leid his gät ah pœrfül loch o fowk agin it, für how A hæ næ notion, bit þon seint tæ bæ þá wey o þings ben Norlin Airlann. Für some fowk þúre seint tæ bæ ah trissel tæ þeir ain identitie jist bæ herkennin at Ullans bes ah reel uhn gildig leid.

A cannæ kenst fowk lich þon. A grah taakin uhn wurds uhn aa þá endir leid o þá ȝirþ. A can taak five endir leid- mair ihr less weel- uhn aȝe, A count Ullans til bæ ȝin o þem! Sö, A bemacht mæ mine ip til dæ someþin til gie heft tæ þá Ullans leid, uhn til Ulster heirskip ben generel. Þúre bes ah while mangel o stuch ben Ullans, no jist apline bit aawhere. BBC Radio Ulster his ah wheen o things ben Ullans bit aa þeir ootpit bes onlie ain hour ihr twá ilka sennicht. Þons no oer veelt. Leids lich Welsch uhn Airisch his haile TV channäls devotet til þem, whiles the lich o Ullans, Kernisch uhn Mancks his little ihr næþin ben þon line. O kerse, þá fact at Ullans disnæ hæ ah standart spellin disnæ heft bit þon’s ablin no ah bad þing i þá lang rin.

Get it richt ihr kill ȝeir leid!

Þá fact at Ullans hisnæ ah standart spellin his geen some fowk mair núr eneuch room til attacke it. Waat fowk lich þon dinnæ kenst bes at betimes standartizen isnæ aa its made oot til bæ. Þe standartizen o Airisch i þe 19 uhn 30’s damst neer kilt it, uhn did kill some o its dialechts. Þons ah skannel uhn no ȝin wie schuid bæ kopenen. Þá Ullans leid needs til bæ brocht bék til fuil poustie aisie uhn kairmaist.

O kerse þem at kens ocht abit leiden kenst þon. Its jist segt at þúre bes sä mannie “experts” ap þá subjecht ah leiden at befacht kens aa uhn ȝit kens damst aa! Ben þire insten its richt waat fowk seiz aboot “ah wee bët o glekisch bes ah middlin þine”.

Sä þúre wull bæ ah loch mair posts fræ mei ben þá Ullans leid. A’m no expechtin für þem til gan “viral” bit ablin þúre’s some fowk at’ll get someþine oot o þem. Þúres ȝin þine für shuir uhn ceirtin, Ullans bes here til stie, wüþer some fowk lichs it ihr no.

Online Censorship of Ulster Loyalism

Loyalists and Unionists have urged YouTube to explain how “thousands of hours” of footage of Loyalist bands was removed. Dozens of bands have reported that YouTube deleted their videos and accounts without warning, for “breaching community guidelines”. Something which never seems to happen to Irish republican videos or accounts, regardless of how blatantly sectarian, racist or violent they are.

The Ulster Bands Forum and Londonderry Bands Forum have both highlighted the issue, as have a number of elected representatives. UUP councillor Trevor Wilson (Cookstown) told the media that YouTube “must explain the removals”, adding “the local band scene is thriving and is a key part of Unionist culture, providing a great deal of colour and musical skill throughout the summer months, and is the source of pleasure and enjoyment for tens of thousands of people. I and a number of party colleagues have been approached by members of the local band fraternity regarding action taken by YouTube. There is a great deal of anger out there that a number of accounts have been closed without explanation or warning, and hundreds of hours of footage lost as a result”

Progressive Unionist Party leader and Belfast councillor Billy Hutchinson also raised concerns about Youtube’s apparent anti-Unionist purge. Unsurprisingly, no one from Youtube has offered any comment or explanation. It is unlikely that they will. Apparently there are certain protected groups online, certain “in groups”. Irish republicans are one of those groups (for now), Unionists and Loyalists are not. Any neutral observer should ask themselves what the underlying reason for that is!

Sinn Féin reach levels of pettiness that shouldn’t even be possible

Oh my aching sides! Provisional Sinn Féin, formerly the political wing of a sophisticated and ruthless terrorist organisation, have been reduced to a bunch of simpering, hyper-sensitive clowns, offended by everything and ashamed of nothing. This is a new low, even for the Provos.

To stamp their feet and throw their toys out of the pram over a DUP Cllr. wearing what is essentially a shirt and tie, at a Belfast City Council meeting, is beyond pathetic. What next for PIRA/SF? Do they have any strategy or any ideas for progressing towards their objectives? What will they take offence to next? Will they refuse to eat carrots at official council dinners because carrots are orange? Will they ask for an inquiry into why the sky is (sometimes) blue but never green? Will they demand that Unionists and Loyalists start wearing full burqas so that we don’t offend their sensitive little eyes?

You couldn’t redden their necks with a blowtorch!

Btw, since when was abortion on demand “medical care”?