A voice for grassroots, working class, Ulster Loyalism. An advocate for the “underclass”. A memorial to earnest, unflinching men who gave their lives for their country and their community. A literary kick in the teeth. Uncomfortable truths and unconventional cultural warfare. Take a good long look and please bear in mind-

“…yes it’s been a successful week. And it’s still only Thursday!”

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  1. Could you explain the significance of the name of your blog, and it’s strapline, and why you chose it? And perhaps comment on whether, or not, it contradicts your mission statement?


    1. I’d be happy to. In the early 90s, after the killing of two republicans in 3 days, a journalist asked a UFF spokesman if he considered it a successful week, he replied: “In terms of military success, yes it’s been a successful week…and it’s still only Thursday!”. Cold words maybe but one must remember that those were different times. I chose the title b/c as a Loyalist, those words always struck a chord with me. I make no apology for my politics. And no, I don’t think it contradicts my “mission statement”. Thanks for asking. I’m sure others already know the reason/history of the blog title, I feel too that you only asked b/c you already knew the background of it!


      1. I did indeed know.

        My recollection was that they murdered five people, one of whom was an actual IRA member. I had a look online, and it seems they murdered six people in a week, the IRA man I mentioned, a Sinn Fein member and four politically un-involved civilians, including a 17 year old male, Damian Walsh.

        It takes a rather disturbing lack of humanity to publicly congratulate oneself on this litany of murder or to support it.

        “Everyone in Ulster should engage politically & culturally, work to make our communities better”

        Excellent words.

        “Let us look forward, without ever forgetting our past & remember…

        “…yes it’s been a successful week. And it’s still only Thursday!””

        You seem to glory in this public self-congratulating. That makes me feel a measure of pity for you. I mean that sincerely, and I’m not being argumentative.

        I’ve nevertheless found your blog interesting.

      2. I wonder if you feel the same “pity” for those who “glory” in the past deeds of the Provisional IRA, IPLO, INLA etc? We now live in a quite different era. The War is over. I stand by my view that “Everyone in Ulster should engage politically & culturally, work to make our communities better”, b/c unless we do we will slide back towards intercommunal conflict. I look forward but I do not forget this country’s tragic past, and I make no apology for the title of this blog.

  2. Indeed I do feel th same pity. On this side of the Irish Sea, I dismiss them as the ravings of inadequates searching for a controversial identity to grab onto. In Ireland, North and South, I feel they’re yesterday’s men (and women).

    Your blog title quote a man gloating in murder. You gloat in murder, including that of a teenage male not old enough to vote, and no amount of looking to the future stops that from being tragic.

    Those who revel and gloat in the misdeeds of the past have a warped way of looking at the future.

    Regardless, we just have a difference of opinion, and that’s OK.


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