This is Not Just Sectarianism

This is not just sectarianism, this is something far worse



There is something rotten at the heart of Irish nationalism and republicanism. Something dark and disturbing. It is a cancerous hatred, a prejudice, a bitterness that has to be seen to be believed. It is much more than simply sectarianism, though that alone would be heinous enough, it is racism. It is an ancient ethnic hatred, a pathological enmity that drives republicans to deny the humanity of their neighbours, to deny them their culture, their national identity and even their very lives.

It is virulent, nasty, bigoted, crude and it is everywhere!

To constantly, unrelentingly criticise, denigrate, insult, mock, undermine and attack any ethnic group is racism. Do the Unionist/Loyalist community qualify as an ethnic group?

The short answer is yes;

The Ulster Scots (Ulstèr-Scotch), also called Ulster Scots people (Ulstèr-Scotch fowk) or, outside of Europe, Scots-Irish (Scotch-Airisch), are an ethnic group found mostly in Northern Ireland (and to a lesser extent throughout the UK and Ireland)

So, is overt and naked hatred of an ethnic group defined as ‘racism’?

Racism has existed throughout human history. It may be defined as the hatred of one person by another — or the belief that another person is less than human — because of skin color, ethnicity, language, customs, heritage, place of birth or any factor that supposedly reveals the basic nature of that person. It has influenced wars, slavery, the formation of nations, and legal codes.

Does such racist/sectarian hatred exist within the Loyalist community? The somewhat controversial answer is, no.

Loyalists and Unionists do not deny that Irish nationalists have a valid and distinctive culture. We do not deny the existence or the validity of the Gaelic language. We do not seek to equate Irish/gaelic culture with the most extreme fringes of politics and society. Loyalists do not advocate the genocide or mass expulsion of the nationalist community.

Any objective observer must conclude that, although sectarianism does exist on ‘both sides’, it is only Irish nationalism/republicanism that harbours this deep rooted and pathological racism.

So prevalent, so pervasive and so accepted is that ethnic/racial hatred that most nationalists and republicans will deny that it even exists. They will insist that the sort of comments included in this article do not represent real republicanism. They will refuse to accept the problem, will downplay it, or will attempt to excuse it by replying on the old argument that “sure both sides is as bad as each other”.

That is a convenient excuse. It is also a lie. Every single day, Loyalists, Unionists (and Protestants in general) face a barrage of abuse, insults, sectarianism and even threats. On social media, on forums, in comments sections and in real life.

This is not perpetrated by a minority of dedicated trolls but by thousands of nationalists and republicans from every corner of the British Isles and beyond.

We asked yesterday for our followers (a little over 2,000 people) to send us examples of racist/sectarian hate speech. We received dozens of examples. We also received at least seven direct messages from people asking that their details be redacted on the screenshots they sent and their identity obscured, simply to avoid more targeted harassment and even death threats from Irish republican extremists online.



Sticks and Stones


The PUL community are made of strong stuff. I am not writing this article because Loyalists and Unionists cannot hold their own against fanatical and hate-filled Irish supremacists. This article is merely to highlight the kind of vitriolic, almost psychotic hatred and bitterness that seems to lie at the dark heart of republicanism.

I would appeal for those in a position of leadership within the nationalist/republican community to try to address the malignancy within their ranks but I know full well that such an appeal would simply be ignored, such is the lack of real leadership within Irish nationalism.

The sad fact of the matter is that many within Provisional Sinn Fein and even within the SDLP, see little wrong in the sort of pernicious and toxic racism/sectarianism spewed out online by their constituents.



None so blind


There are many individuals within the republican community who regard themselves as ‘progressive’, ‘liberal’ and even ‘moderate’ but who are, in reality, every bit as extreme, intolerant and fanatical as any ISIS member.

So blinded are they by their prejudice, hatred, racism and bigotry that they cannot even see it!

They regard themselves as moral and decent people. They are anything but. They wallow in the mythology and propaganda of Irish republican extremism. They denigrate and dehumanise their Protestant neighbours. They subtly gloat over the death and mayhem caused by republican murder gangs.

Such people are extremely problematic. They cannot and will not ever be accepted as legitimate, sane, reasonable representatives of nationalism by the Loyalist/Unionist community.

Such bitter, hateful, extremist individuals must be sidelined. They must, if necessary, be ‘deplatformed’ and marginalised. You cannot reason with the unreasonable. You cannot compromise, or even negotiate, with someone who regards you as ‘sub-human’.

How bitter and twisted, how absolutely demented with racist and sectarian hatred must an individual be to dismiss your neighbours culture as “KKKulture”? Pathetically trying to denigrate that culture by childishly trying to tie it to the Ku Klux Klan. If it were not so bigoted, prejudiced and psychotic it would be funny.

I’m beginning to see a pattern here!

But surely not even racist republicans would gloat about a man who died of cancer?

Nothing is off limits to these extremists. Nothing is beyond the pale. They thrive on hatred and bigotry. These are not the victims of racism and sectarianism- they are the instigators of it.

I could have filled this blog post with hundreds of examples of Irish republican racism, vitriol and toxic hatred but I think this will suffice for now.

I would urge all members of the PUL community to screenshot or otherwise document all incidents of Irish nationalist racism and sectarianism. Do not tolerate intolerance. Do not allow these hate-mongers to go unchallenged.

No group of people on earth should be subjected to this kind of hatred, prejudice and bigotry!


Irish supremacists are pure poison. Their psychopathic hatred for Protestants, Unionists and Loyalists is comparable only to the antisemitism of the Nazis or the ethnic hatred displayed by the Hutu against the Tutsi during the Rwandan genocide.


“Innocent Men”

Plausible Deniability



If one were to believe the ramblings of Irish republicans you would be lead to believe that they (and they alone) are the sole bearers of the truth about the Ulster conflict. That, however, is the exact opposite of the situation in reality. For years republicans, especially those affiliated with PIRA/Sinn Fein, have lied, obfuscated, deceived and lied again.

We have the ludicrous sight of Gerry Adams denying that he was ever a member of the Provisional IRA and, just this week, we have learned that a prominent republican and former Roman Catholic priest has finally admitted that he was indeed a senior member of the Provisional movement.

Gerry “innocent man” Adams with his close friend Jeremy Corbyn


After decades of denials Tipperary-born Patrick Ryan has admitted his role in procuring arms, ammunition and bomb making materials on behalf of the Provos.

Patrick Ryan was at the centre of one of the highest profile extradition battles of the ‘Troubles’, with the British Government believing it had evidence which could prove he was a terrorist, but in 1988 the Irish Republic refused to extradite him to be tried in a British court.

At the time, Ryan publicly denied, repeatedly, that he had been a member of any organisation other than the Catholic church’s ‘Pioneer Total Abstinence Association’. A denial which, at the time, many knew to be a complete fabrication.

Patrick Ryan, another “innocent man”


Patrick Ryan is not the first “innocent man” to turn out to be a republican terrorist. Throughout the ‘Troubles’ there have been almost countless instances of such “innocent” men (and occasionally women) who were, in reality, anything but innocent.

I, personally, will never forget the aftermath of one particular UFF operation, in which a member of the Provisional IRA’s ‘South Derry Brigade’ was shot dead in Kilrea. His widow vehemently denied that her late husband was involved in anything. Obviously having been “well schooled” over the years to deny everything in the event of her husband being killed, she maintained that he was an “innocent man”, someone within Sinn Fein however didn’t get the memo and confirmed to the media that the dead man was a member of their party.

Few Loyalists in the South Londonderry area were surprised when, some years later, the individual in question began to be listed on PIRA memorials as a “volunteer” or “oglach“. So much for the republican notion of ‘innocence’.


Useful Idiots


Few people with an interest in the Ulster conflict would regard the ‘CAIN’ project/website as anything but impartial, at least at first glance. However, CAIN and the accompanying ‘Sutton Index of Deaths’ is anything but impartial.

One only has to visit the ‘Sutton Index’ website and take a look at the header at the top of the page. “An Index of Deaths from the Conflict in Ireland”. Innocuous? No. Why choose that title? Why not- “An Index of Deaths from the Northern Ireland conflict”? Or the “Conflict in Northern Ireland”?

The Conflict in Ireland” is pure Sinn Fein newspeak. The preferred name used by Irish republican extremists to describe the ‘Troubles’. Of course, the conflict affected people in the Irish Republic, but it affected just as many in England and beyond. To describe the Northern Ireland ‘Troubles’ as the “Conflict in Ireland” is a puzzling choice of words for a supposedly ‘impartial’ website.

The trouble with CAIN/Sutton however is about much more than just dubious phraseology. CAIN is unreliable, and what’s more, it seems to twist things to suit a certain narrative.

A number of PIRA, IPLO, OIRA and INLA members are listed by CAIN/Sutton as being “civilians”. The most high profile of these is Loughlin Maginn, a South Down Provo “volunteer” shot dead by the Ulster Freedom Fighters in 1988, at his home near Rathfriland, Co. Down.

Loughlin Maginn, “innocent man”


For almost 30 years nationalists and republicans maintained that Maginn was yet another “innocent man”. In fact, it is only in the past 12-18 months that republicans have finally admitted that Maginn was a PIRA/Sinn Fein terrorist, commemorating the “fallen volunteer” in typical, tacky, crass and undignified republican fashion.

CAIN/Sutton still lists Maginn as a “civilian”. He is just one of at least 17 such people, all now acknowledged as members of Irish republican murder gangs, listed by CAIN/Sutton as ‘civilians’. As far as I am aware, there is only one instance of a Loyalist paramilitary being listed by them erroneously as a civilian.

Furthermore, there are at least 8 people listed by CAIN/Sutton as being a “civilian political activist”, when in fact those in question were very much active members of either the Provisional IRA or the INLA.

Human error? Honest mistakes? Or a subtle attempt by those involved to reinforce the Irish nationalist/republican narrative? Personally, I think that the answer is rather obvious. It is my opinion that those involved in the CAIN project have allowed themselves to be used as “useful idiots” by the republican movement.

Further evidence is provided by the fact that CAIN/Sutton do not seem to recognise early republican and/or Catholic paramilitary groups, groups which were involved in some of the worst violence of the entire conflict, during the first 5 or 6 years of the ‘Troubles’. Organisations such as the ‘Catholic Ex Service-men’s Association’, an overtly sectarian paramilitary group that had an estimated membership of 12,000 men in 1972.

The Catholic Ex Service-men’s Association, circa 1972


The CESA had initially professed its loyalty to the UK and stated publicly that their aim was to maintain law and order, after 1971 however, CESA evolved into a paramilitary/vigilante organisation with links to both the Official and Provisional IRA. There is evidence that CESA (sometimes referred to as CXSA) gave weapons training to the nascent PIRA and CESA members not only manned barricades in nationalist/republican areas but also carried out violent incursions into Loyalist communities.

A relatively large number of CESA men were killed by Loyalists, some in gun battles in and around Belfast, others targeted for assassination at their homes or places of work.

Given that the CESA was a mirror image of the UDA of that period (ie a large paramilitary/vigilante organisation whose stated purpose was to physically defend their communities), why does CAIN/Sutton list CESA members as “civilians”?

Let us compare two individuals killed in 1972;

Bernard Rice, a senior member of the Catholic Ex Service-men’s Association, and William Irvine, an 18 year old UDA volunteer. Rice was shot dead by the Red Hand Commando, apparently during an exchange of fire at a barricade in Ardoyne, north Belfast, in February of that year.

William Irvine was killed in July at Oxford Street Bus Station (on ‘Bloody Friday’). William, an employee of Ulster Bus, alongside a number of colleagues, was searching for a PIRA /Sinn Fein bomb that an anonymous caller warned was planted at the crowded bus depot (giving just 22 minutes warning).

The device exploded before the men could locate it. Six people, including William and 3 of his workmates, were killed and more than 40 others (mostly women and children) were wounded, many of them seriously.

Why do CAIN/Sutton list William Irvine, correctly, as being a UDA member but list Bernard Rice as a civilian?

William Irvine died trying to save lives. Bernard Rice died during an exchange of fire between opposing paramilitary groups. William Irvine died at his place of work. Bernard Rice died manning an illegal paramilitary barricade.

Contrast and compare. (note; Rice was not killed whilst out walking, he was killed manning a republican barricade)


So much for the “impartiality” of CAIN/Sutton! We do not seek to deny that William Irvine was a member of the UDA (at the time both the UDA and the CESA were legal bodies) but surely a supposedly impartial and unbiased conflict archive would treat the UDA and organisations like the CESA in at least similar, if not identical fashion?

Perhaps CAIN, like Sinn Fein, the IRSP etc etc would like CESA to be airbrushed out of history? After all, the CESA do not fit well into the simplistic, almost childlike republican narrative, which presents the ‘Troubles’ as a monochrome, “us vs them” situation, one in which Catholic former (British) soldiers, who once proposed to carry the Union flag at a ‘civil rights’ march before later helping to train PIRA terrorists and carrying out attacks against Loyalists on their own behalf, only serve to “muddy the waters”, undermine the narrative and, therefore, they must be removed from the historical record.


Innocent vs “innocent”


Social media, and indeed wider society, is awash with republican extremists and their apologists who will repeat the lies of PIRA/Sinn Fein ad infinitum. They will cite spurious statistics, link to overtly biased Wikipedia articles and repeat pure, unadulterated propaganda, all the while believing themselves to be intellectually and morally superior to those with whom they are interacting.

That they actually believe the nonsense and hyperbole that they repeat is, perhaps, an indication of their level of indoctrination. It is very clear that they have been taught what to think, rather than most normal people who are taught how to think.

No objective, independently minded person could believe the outright lies told by the republican movement. Can anybody really keep a straight face whilst listening to Gerry Adams denying that he was ever a member of the Provisional IRA?

Can any sane person successfully argue that, for example, the ‘Pat Finucane Centre’, is impartial, independent and unbiased?

Republicans track record with regards to the truth is not only appalling, it’s actually laughable. How many “innocent men” were actually anything but innocent?

How many Sinn Fein ‘election workers’ were in fact PIRA terrorists? How many ‘civilians’ were in fact members of the Provisional IRA, INLA, OIRA, IPLO, CESA or groups affiliated with those organisations- groups like the Republican Clubs, National Graves Association, Anti H Blocks/Armagh Committee, Falls Taxi Association, etc etc etc.

Unfortunately, we will never know. Irish republicanism keeps secrets better even than their friends in the Boston mob or the Colombian drug gangs. What we do know is that dozens, possibly scores, of these “innocent men” killed during the ‘Troubles’ were far from “innocent”.

Despite the lies and propaganda of Irish republicans, militant Loyalists (and many others) know that groups such as the Ulster Freedom Fighters and the UVF were very effective at combating the enemies of Ulster.

A UFF vehicle checkpoint, Shankill Rd, Belfast, circa 1991


Of course republicans will never admit it, but then we are talking about a group of people who often will not even admit that they are republicans, will not admit their real role in the conflict, will not divulge the whereabouts of some of their victims and will never acknowledge that their campaign of terrorism was, like all their previous campaigns, a dismal and abject failure.

Tragically, that failed campaign cost the lives of many, many people who actually were innocent.

Ordinary Voices; Interview 7

As with all the other interviews for the Ordinary Voices project, this interview was conducted via email.



Respondent is William, from Londonderry. William describes himself as “Self employed, married with 2 wee sons. Love my family, football and a few beers. More political now as I get a bit older


Q1. How would you describe yourself politically?

I’m a Loyalist but I’m also a free thinker. I disagree with the main Unionist parties on most things and I would also be critical of the paramilitaries, I think they have failed the people terribly. But I’d still class myself as a Loyalist or maybe even an Ulster Nationalist, at least at times.



Q2. Do you think there is an inherent bias with regard to Legacy Issues?

Certainly there is. It is blatant. Republicans have made everything about them. They cry “collusion” at every opportunity and demand inquiry upon inquiry. Where is the justice for the Loyalist community? Where’s our inquiries?

Why doesn’t somebody campaign for an inquiry into how republicans could force out thousands upon thousands of Protestants from the West Bank [of the Foyle]?



Q3. Do you think that legacy issues are being handled well?

No, not at all. You’d think that the only ones that suffered any loss were republicans. They cry and shout and make demands and the British government caves in, time and time again. I’m sick of it.

The best of it is, is that republicans will never be satisfied, never. The young ones out throwing petrol bombs at the police in the Creggan, they don’t give a damn about inquiries or “legacy issues”. At least not now. Maybe if one of them is killed or something, then that’ll be something else they’ll demand an inquiry into.



Q4. Do you think a so-called “hard border” will lead to violence?

More violence? Yes. Probably. The dissidents [dissident republicans] will use any excuse. They’ve got a real grip in Derry at the minute and it’s only a matter of time before somebody else is murdered. I don’t know the situation in Belfast but up here in the North West the dissidents are getting stronger and stronger every day.



Q5. Do you believe that reconciliation is possible between the two communities?

No. Honestly I think things are really bad at the minute and I think they’ll only get worse. There’s more bitterness and hatred now than I ever remember. I’ve heard other older ones saying that the two sides are more divided now than even during the worst of the Troubles.

There’ll never be reconciliation in this country and there will only ever be peace when one side totally beats the other into the ground.



Q6. Do you think that Loyalists will retaliate if republicans murder a police officer or a soldier in Londonderry?

I’d say it’s very likely. The UVF aren’t very strong in Londonderry but the UFF still are. They would be on for hitting back, I’d nearly guarantee it.

I suppose it might depend on the circumstances. If they [dissident republicans] set off a bomb and kill 2 or 3 innocent folk then it could set everything off. I think too that the republicans know it and they’re being careful until they are a bit stronger.

Q7. Do you think that the Loyalist community has been unfairly stereotyped in a negative way?

Yes. For sure. Republicans love to make up all this crap about the PUL people, they get really into it and think they are hilariously funny but it’s just pathetic. Most republicans have the same kind of sense of humour as a young child. They don’t seem to think that Protestants are actual human beings.



Q8. What are your hopes and aspirations for Northern Ireland in the medium to long term?

I hope to see a day when the whole thing is sorted out, once and for all. No wee hoods firing petrol bombs at the police, no republican terrorism, no bomb scares or any of that crap.

I want my kids to have a peaceful country to grow up in and if that means somebody taking on these republican groups then so be it. It’s time somebody grabbed the bull by the horns and put these vermin out of business.

I want to see them gone. I’d love to see the like of Sinn Fein gone too but I think maybe that’s wishful thinking.




Our thanks to William for participating in the Ordinary Voices project

The Siege of Clyde Valley

The controversy over the decision of Clyde Valley FB to wear a small Parachute Regiment emblem on their uniforms whilst on parade in Londonderry last Saturday has resulted in yet another battle in the ‘cultural war’ that has been fought in Ulster since at least 1996. Wagons have been circled. War cries have been shouted and the extremely deep (and dangerous) levels of division within Northern Ireland have been laid bare. Again.

The small Parachute Regiment emblem worn by Clyde Valley FB at the Relief of Derry parade on Saturday (10.8.2019)


Yesterday’s statement by the Apprentice Boys of Derry was a welcome development. It may well take enough heat out of the situation to allow the very deep fissures in Northern Ireland society to be papered over, at least for while, although anybody with any sense can see that we are only ever hours away from the next “crisis” or controversy and now would be the perfect time to reflect on the reasons for that precarious situation.

Perhaps the more politically astute amongst our political ‘leaders’ could ask, publicly, why Irish republicanism has decided that the dead of ‘Bloody Sunday’ are to be held as the most important victims of the conflict, the apex of the pyramid of victimhood that Provisional Sinn Fein has carefully constructed over the last 20 years or so?

Why do republicans insist that any reference to the Parachute Regiment, anywhere in the city of Derry, is ‘verboten’ because it is an insult to victims of ‘Bloody Sunday’, yet these very same republicans insist that they have a right to commemorate republican murder gangs in that city, regardless of the feelings of the victims of such death squads?

INLA mural, Londonderry


Surely, if references to (and emblems of) the Paras are “offensive” and “distasteful” in Londonderry, because of ‘Bloody Sunday’, then, by the same logic, references to (and emblems of) the INLA, Provisional IRA etc are equally offensive and distasteful given the fact that republican killer gangs were responsible for far more death and destruction than any other party or agency.

Indeed, it could be argued that the emblems and symbols of the Provos and INLA are even more liable to cause offence because they inflicted death and destruction on both communities.

Irish republican terrorist mural, Derry.


In reality though, the “Clyde Valley controversy” has little to do with the victims of ‘Bloody Sunday’ and their families. It has everything to do with Sinn Fein’s heirarchy of victims and their marking out of territory. According to republicans, the victims of so-called “state violence” are more important, more worthy of remembrance and more deserving of sensitivity and respect than any other victims.

On the next level of this heirarchy are the victims of militant Loyalism (those killed by the UFF and UVF), followed by those republicans killed by their own bombs. Everybody else is on the lowest tier of this sickening pyramid.


“All of the animals are equal but some are more equal than others”

Did Provisional Sinn Fein show any sensitivity to the victims of their terrorist wing when they marched recently in Strabane? Were bands in paramilitary style uniforms considered “distasteful“? Were representations of armed terrorists considered to be a “calculated insult” to the victims of republican murder gangs in West Tyrone? Why not?

The answer is very simple- in the minds of republicans some victims don’t deserve respect, whilst conversely, some victims deserve every respect and should be treated almost as if they are ‘Holy martyrs’. According to republicans, the victims of ‘Bloody Sunday’ deserve to be treated with kid gloves, insulated and protected from any reference to the Parachute Regiment, or indeed the British Army in general.

Victims like the families of Patsy Gillespie and Joanne Mathers however, deserve no such consideration or sensitivity. Those victims are not to be considered, or even brought to mind, when PIRA/Sinn Fein murals are unveiled in Derry, PIRA and INLA marches take place or commemorations are held.

Patsy Gillespie with his wife. Mr Gillespie was murdered by PIRA/Sinn Fein for cooking meals at an Army barracks in Derry.


Make no mistake, we at ISOT believe that every community has an inalienable right to remember their dead. We have said so often, but there is a rank hypocrisy here. Surely if republicans believe that references to PIRA, INLA, IPLO and OIRA gangs are acceptable, even in towns and cities badly affected by the violence of those organisations, then surely they must be prepared to accept references to the Paras, even in the city where elements of that regiment killed 14 nationalists?

But, as I already stated, this is not about the victims of ‘Bloody Sunday’. This about the republican heirarchy of victimhood and about marking territory.

In order for PSF to further their agenda and reinforce their revisionist narrative, victims of state perpetrated violence must be kept in the spotlight. They must be seen as the ‘premier’ victims of the conflict, for whilst the spotlight is on the victims of ‘Bloody Sunday’, Ballymurphy etc then it cannot be on the victims of Claudy, ‘Bloody Friday’, La Mon, Darkley, Teebane, Enniskillen etc etc etc.

The aftermath of the Darkley massacre


Sinn Fein must also present itself as the champions and defenders of the nationalist/republican community. If there is offence to be taken, then PSF must be the ones to take it! This is especially important in places like Londonderry where republican splinter groups and dissident factions are increasingly gaining a foothold.

Given Sinn Fein’s recent ‘difficulties’ in the New Lodge area of Belfast, Saturday’s events must have been a godsend. Indeed, there must have been some PSF members positively rubbing their hands with glee (that is not to insinuate that there wasn’t some Sinn Fein members who were genuinely outraged), there can be no doubt whatsoever that Clyde Valley FB have inadvertently handed so-called “mainstream” republicanism a much needed propaganda boost.

Gerry Kelly, for one, must have been delighted that something had quickly come along to distract people’s attention away from his ignominious (and hasty) withdrawal from the New Lodge only days earlier.

Why the long face Gerry?


“This is OUR city”

There is another aspect to this gross overreaction too. There are many republicans, especially vocal on social media, who wish to use this incident as a stick with which to beat the ABOD and, somehow by extension, the Orange Order (such is the ignorance of republicans about the Loyal Orders and their relationship to each other).

an orange free zone”


The reasoning seems to be that because Derry is a majority nationalist city, then all others must ‘toe the line‘ as it were, or the majority will withdraw their consent for any cultural expression other than their own. This too is deeply hypocritical. In Derry, Rasharkin and the Garvaghy Road it would seem that the majority rules ok but in Northern Ireland as a whole, majority rule is deemed “oppressive” and “undemocratic” and we must have mandatory power sharing, or else!

There is a lesson here for those who believe that a so-called ‘united Ireland’ is in any way viable, for it would appear that nationalists and republicans only believe in the sharing of power when they cannot obtain an absolute majority, or perhaps that is just cynicism. The available evidence, however, would suggest the former not the latter.

If ever Sinn Fein win an overall majority of seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly, they will no doubt campaign for an end to power sharing and a return to majority rule, all in the name of “civil rights” and “equality”, naturally!


Keep the fire stoked!

Provisional Sinn Fein will keep this incident in the headlines for as long as possible. There are others too, on the Unionist/Loyalist side who will seek to exploit this unfortunate situation for their own ends. The inappropriate behaviour of the PSNI has, rightly, been highlighted and there needs to be an investigation into that behaviour, however, it would probably be best all round if the entire business could be forgotten.

Rent-a-mob, aka PSNI DMSU


The two communities in Northern Ireland are more deeply and bitterly divided than ever. In the interests of peace and reconciliation it would be best if incidents like the one on Saturday could be quickly dealt with, so as not to cause even further division.


Sinn Fein lead the chorus

Unfortunately, with Sinn Fein leading the chorus of those who equate the wearing of a small Parachute Regiment emblem with international war crimes, that will never happen. It will not be allowed to happen. PSF cannot miss an opportunity to reinforce their vile narrative and, with dissident republicans fast gaining control of former PIRA/SF heartlands, they cannot afford to miss an opportunity to present themselves as the defenders of the nationalist community.

If that means taking a hypocritical and, frankly, absurd stance on any given issue, that will be no problem for the Shinners, after all, they do not seem to be bothered that Clyde Valley Flute Band take their name from the principal ship involved in ‘Operation Lion’, the 1914 UVF gun running which saw tens of thousands of rifles and millions of rounds of ammunition landed in Ulster by Carson’s Volunteers, some of which was used by the UVF in 1920 in very heavy street fighting in the cityside of Londonderry, which left dozens dead.

In 1920 the UVF took over Londonderry City centre and the Foyle bridge. Dozens died in subsequent fighting in the city.


But they are offended by a tiny crest of the Parachute Regiment being worn on the uniform of the band, who also go by the name “the gun runners”. Bizarre. Are Sinn Fein telling us, at least subtly, that they only care about dead nationalists who were killed within living memory? Or, perhaps, those families of dead nationalists who are still around to vote would be more accurate?

Or, perhaps I’m being cynical again, they really couldn’t give a tinker’s curse about the victims of ‘Bloody Sunday’, or their families and are instead using this situation to-

A) shore up support in certain areas, especially Derry,

B) Exploit the situation to reinforce their narrative and heirarchy of victims,

C) Use the incident to further reaffirm that Londonderry is their city and everyone else must follow their rules, or-

D) All of the above.

Sometimes in Northern Ireland it’s hard not to be cynical!

The republican anti-internment bonfire in the New Lodge area was a huge embarrassment for Provisional Sinn Fein


On and on….

No doubt we will be hearing more about the ‘Seige of Clyde Valley‘ in the coming weeks and (probably) months. Preferred victim status must be upheld, narratives must be shored up and territory must be marked out. It’s not as if Sinn Fein (or the DUP) have anything else to do!

Meanwhile, ‘non celebrity’ victims across Northern Ireland and beyond, will just have to carry on as before- forgotten, marginalised and denied any semblance of justice. Indeed, in some cases, they have not yet even had their loved one’s remains returned to them for burial.

Best not to mention that though, not while the Shinners are having yet another little temper tantrum!

The Curious Case of the Forgotten Republican

Today, the 25th of July, marks the 31st anniversary of the death of one Brendan ‘Ruby’ Davison, PIRA ‘commander‘ in South Belfast, who was shot dead at his home in the Markets area by a UVF active service unit, dressed as police officers.

I draw your attention to this anniversary, not to gloat in any way, nor celebrate Davison’s violent demise but to recount the circumstances surrounding his, rather sordid, life and the facts behind his death.

Davison was a native of the Markets area, a staunchly republican enclave in South Belfast. At the outset of The Troubles, the area was an Official IRA stronghold but the teenage Davidson decided to join the emerging Provisional IRA.

In 1971 Davison was convicted for his part in a botched Provo gun attack and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Within months of being released in 1980, he was arrested again, this time on the word of PIRA ‘supergrass‘ Kevin McGrady, but was released, albeit after serving more than two years on remand.

Brendan ‘Ruby’ Davison


By the time of his assassination Davison, whose name is often misspelled as ‘Davidson’ (by, among others, the Irish Independent newspaper) had risen to the rank of PIRA ‘commander’ in South and East Belfast.

Davison was also one of the two most highly placed informers that MI5 and RUC Special Branch had within the ranks of the Provisional IRA, the other being Freddie Scappaticci, codename “Stake knife”.

In Davison’s case, blackmail was the main factor in his recruitment. A Special Branch file on him noted he was a secret homosexual who visited public toilets and had sex with men in a “massage centre“. RUC Special Branch also knew that ‘Ruby’ had raped a number of young boys in South Belfast in the 1980s and that he liked to ‘discipline’ teenage PIRA members by having them strip naked before beating them with a brush.

At least two of his victims’ families made complaints to the Provisional IRA but, unsurprisingly, were silenced with threats of murder. Republican sources say Davison was secretly filmed by undercover soldiers sexually abusing a teenage boy, rumoured to have been just 14 at the time, in the sauna of the Maysfield Leisure Centre in South Belfast and subsequently blackmailed him into becoming a paid informant.


The funeral of Provo godfather and paedophile rapist Brendan Davison.


Though this is common knowledge in the area of Belfast where Davidson lived, his name is still on a wall mural commemorating PIRA/Sinn Fein “martyrs” in the Markets area.

There are many residents of the Markets however who have neither respect nor admiration for ‘Ruby’. On the contrary, many people hated and feared him. He was heavily built, well over six feet tall, and had, apparently, acquired a reputation for being able to ‘handle himself’ in a fight.

According to the author Martin Dillon, locals say he took offence easily and became difficult to control when drunk, which was often. He was typical of many of the young thugs and ‘hardmen’ who filled the ranks of the Provisional IRA after January 1970.

He is described as having a “physical stature to impose his will on others and possessed a native cunning” . His “native cunning” no doubt served him well in his double life as he rose rapidly through the ranks of PIRA/Sinn Fein. Gaining rapid promotion within the republican murder gang for his talents in planning terrorist outrages and finding new recruits.

Such was Davison’s reputation, it is alleged that some people in the Markets area actually cheered upon learning of ‘Ruby’s’ violent death at the hands of Loyalist gunmen.


UVF volunteers posed as police in order to kill Ruby Davison

To this day, many republicans still deny that Davison was a paedophile, an informer, or even that he was a promiscuous homosexual, preferring instead to cling to (yet another) tissue of lies regarding the life and death of one of their Provo ‘heroes’.

It is curious though that there have been no high-profile calls for an inquiry into the assassination of Brendan Davison.

One would have thought that, if the republican movement really believed their own narrative, and were sure that Davison wasn’t a paedophile rapist and an informer, that his case would be an ideal one to highlight.


A PIRA/Sinn Fein mural in the Markets area. Note how the mural, in particular the portion of it depicting Davison, has been defaced by locals


Would it not suit the Provisional Sinn Fein narrative absolutely perfectly to highlight the killing of a senior republican who was shot dead by Loyalist paramilitaries wearing stolen RUC uniforms? Wouldn’t the fact that the dead man also happened to be gay not be the “icing on the cake” for the apparently LGBT obsessed Sinn Fein?

If Davison was the person that republicans say he was, why has he not become the Provo’s first genuine gay ‘martyr’?


The truth of the matter is that the republican movement would rather that Brendan Davison be forgotten, at least by those outside of republican ranks, not because he was a paedophile but because they know full well that he was an informer and that inconvenient fact undermines their entire collusion narrative.

You see, it simply defies belief that if, as republicans allege, Loyalist armed groups worked hand-in-hand with the Security Forces, those same Security Forces would have ‘allowed’ the Ulster Volunteer Force to kill one of their top assets within the Provisional IRA in Belfast.

Make no mistake about it- had Davison really not been a paid informant, the cries of “collusion” would be almost deafening.

Davison’s paedophilia would be airbrushed out, I have no doubt his homosexuality would be too; it is ‘progressive’ and ‘on trend’ for Provisional Sinn Fein to masquerade as the champions of the LGBT community, but it is a different matter when it comes to the Provisional IRA. For, as much as they would like to deny it, the Provisional republican movement still operates a ‘twin track’ approach, wherein SF are portrayed as progressive, tolerant socialists whilst on the other hand, PIRA is still presented, especially to impressionable young males, as being a ruthless army of hard, dedicated “guerilla Fighters”.

Thus, any reference to Ruby Davison’s sexuality would, undoubtedly, be omitted.


Davison’s home, the ironically titled ‘Friendly Way’


Let me refresh your memory with regard to the republican movement’s collusion narrative; it is their assertion that collusion was-

A) Widespread

B) Institutional, and that

C) Collusion only happened on the Loyalist side.

(Apparently, at least two different states arming and funding the Provisional IRA is not considered collusion by republicans)

This is in opposition to what Loyalists (and many neutrals) say about collusion- that it was neither institutional nor widespread, that it happened on both sides and that the Security Forces had no qualms about playing off one side against the other.

The republican narrative has now been taken to it’s logical conclusion; most republicans now allege that every Loyalist operation was carried out in collusion with the Security Forces, and that, essentially, Loyalist armed groups were merely unthinking, almost zombie like, proxies of the state.


A heavily armed UVF unit, complete with RPG rocket launcher, part of the arms shipment brought into Ulster jointly by the UFF and UVF. The arms had been purchased from an arms dealer in Lebanon.


This is not only patently ridiculous, it is frankly laughable. One wonders how such republican dullards would explain away the fact that thousands of young Loyalists ended up in prison, some of them sentenced to multiple life terms, or the fact that many Loyalist combatants were killed by the very same Security Forces they were supposedly acting in concert with.

One might also wonder why the Security Forces would permit their supposed “Loyalist proxies” to kill prison officers and, occasionally, RUC officers.


Freddie Scappaticci, the other high ranking Provo informer at the time of Davison’s death


Irish republicans, for the most part, do not deal well with historical complexities or the subtle nuances of a low-intensity conflict like The Troubles. Rather than face the uncomfortable truth about the “Dirty War”, republicans, especially those from the younger generation, would rather buy into a myth that asserts that their Loyalist and Unionist neighbours are completely incompetent, stupid and inferior.

They prefer a reductionist and purely binary view of Ulster’s recent past. A black and white, ‘us vs them’ scenario in which any troublesome details, or indeed, any sense of context, is simply pushed aside or buried.

The majority of Irish republicans seem to take comfort in ignorance, preferring Sinn Fein’s childish ‘cowboys and Indians’ narrative to the real, complex, uncomfortable and challenging truth about the conflict.

That is precisely why it is important for Loyalists, and indeed everyone who is concerned about the truth, to challenge the playground rhetoric of republicanism at every opportunity.

If collusion took place in the manner that republicans say it did, then why do they seem so reticent to bring the case of Ruby Davison to wider public attention? It is because they know that close scrutiny of the case would soon collapse their pathetic narrative.

The fact that Davison was an informer has been asserted by numerous people, including at least three published authors and dozens of others, including a former MI5 officer who operated out of the “Puzzle Palace” within Thiepval army barracks in Lisburn.



If one accepts that fact, then doesn’t the fact that he was killed by Loyalist militants not critically undermine the republican narrative? Some might suggest that he had “outlived his usefulness”, but that is a ludicrous claim since Davison was, arguably the most senior informer that the Security Forces had within PIRA/Sinn Fein. Certainly he was among the top two!

Davison was not under suspicion by his republican comrades. His cover had not been blown, in fact, the Security Forces had allowed Davison to kill in order to protect himself from accusations made by one of his ‘comrades’.

There is also the matter of the angry reaction that Davidson’s killing apparently provoked from among the security services personnel based in Lisburn.

The facts of the case are rather obvious to any but the most mentally challenged republicans.

Davison was killed by the UVF because he was a senior member of the Provisional IRA. An individual that the UVF alleged had been involved in at least two murders.

The UVF ASU disguised themselves as police officers, using uniforms stolen from a dry cleaners. They knew who Davison was, what he was and where he lived. They made their way to his home and executed him.

There was no collusion of any kind. Whether or not the UVF team knew that Ruby Davison was a paedophile is immaterial, they did not know that he was an RUC Special Branch and MI5 informer. As a consequence they may have inadvertently actually helped the Provos in the long term, ridding them of a highly placed mole.

Such were the complexities and intrigues of The Troubles. The Ulster Volunteer Force carried out a highly professional and well planned operation; Loyalists, a few high ranking republicans (who detested Davison for his sexual perversions) and many of the ordinary people of the Markets area were pleased; whilst most republicans, RUC Special Branch and the other ‘Spooks‘ in the “Puzzle Palace” were left devastated.

The security services lost one of their most important sources of information and, in the long run, Davison’s death may well have been a blessing in disguise for the Provos.

Nevertheless, Brendan Davison is the “martyr” that republicans dare not speak of. A sick and perverted individual whose violent death could yet prove to be the rock upon which Irish republican myth is smashed to splinters.

The republican movement can tell as many lies as they wish but they can never change the fundamental truth. They cannot change the nature of the thugs, rapists, paedophiles and child killers that made up the ranks of the Provisional IRA, and that, in the final analysis, is the reason that they will never succeed. “A movement without morals cannot stand” and there is no movement so utterly devoid of any sense of morality as that of PIRA/Sinn Fein.

Respect, Integrity and Equality

How many times have you heard the Irish republican mantra of “Respect, Integrity and Equality”? I’ve oft wondered just what they meant when they said those words.

Sometimes I honestly think republicans don’t know what those words actually mean.

Respect? Integrity? Equality?

Every single day on social media one can encounter these lovely, tolerant people. The very epitomes of respect, unity and egalitarianism.

Ah yes, John O’Neill, the well known historian, author and university lecturer

A threatening tweet? Surely not!

Indeed. Keep this in mind for a second

Punctuation mustn’t be a strong point of renowned authors/lecturers like John

Anti-British racism as well, tut tut!

Maybe it’s me that is mistaken about the definition of words like ‘respect’ and ‘equality‘? Maybe, being a Loyalist, I really am stupid?

No lazy sectarian stereotypes here! Nope. None. Zero. Honest.

But perhaps I’m being too quick to judge, maybe these people are simply the lunatic fringe? Surely the self appointed ‘parody wing’ of the republican movement wouldn’t stoop so low?

OK, never mind, let’s move on….

Elaine is a special kind of bigot, here she is targeting a grandmother who shared a picture of her grandson (note, we have deliberately obscured the picture)

More from the charming Elaine? OK, if you insist

Elaine doesn’t like Americans. Or “Brits”, strangely though….


Says the troll group that has a very cozy relationship with certain dissident republicans, but hey, I suppose they aren’t “terrorists”?!

Racist, sectarian and homophobic. Say it ain’t so!

Sometimes I can’t even read these lovely and tolerant tweets, such is the level of intellectual brilliance.

“ro0bbed the natives”. For shame

Do republicans deny being republicans so they can distance republicanism from their own tweets?

Oops, posted that one again! Btw John Paul, how does your own medicine taste?

Such beautiful people

Is it just me or does Elaine look like she’s dressed as Batman?

OK, so let’s try to get some balance here, let’s go back to John O’Neill, well-known lecturer and author.

Such respect.

I’m beginning to feel a little overwhelmed by all this respect, Integrity and equality.

Apparently John is also an expert in pest control.

What a shame. We should crowd fund some university to re-employ John.


Another one who seems fixated on rats.

I don’t know about you but all this respect and equality is starting to make me feel a bit ill.

The Dark Knight can’t stand crime*

(*unless it’s republican crime)

Somebody seems a little obsessed.

Elaine defending ISIS. Surely she must be on a watch list somewhere? GCHQ, we’re looking at you here!

Now that’s what I call respect!

Yes Paul, I think it is.

Nice of professor O’Neill to openly admit that Protestants were ethnically cleansed from Co. Cork.

True story. Ireland almost became a German state. Honestly.

John is a historian, an author of several books and is the world’s best lecturer. He is also fearsomely handsome.

Well folks, I think that’s enough for one day. After all that equality and respect I think I need to lie down in a dark room for a while.

Never fear though, we’ll be back next week with more evidence of the true nature of Irish republicanism.